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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

balcony perspective 2

balcony perspective 2, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

Looking down on the large hanging arrangement. The Phillipe Starke ghost chairs and line of LED Lights down the centre of the table, just finished off the clean look.

interior perspective RCP Dinner

interior perspective, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

This was our favourite function of the Month. Our, design just looked perfect in the industrial space. The arrangements using just green plants and foliage with a few green cymbidium orchids were so fresh and lush.

Monday, August 9, 2010

P&O @ Kermadec

P&O @ Kermadec, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

P&O @ Kermadec 1

P&O @ Kermadec 1, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

mirror mirror

mirror mirror, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

It looked beautiful reflected in the large mirror, giving double the effect.

close up of Chandelier

close up 2, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

Dark pink orchids were used in this chandelier which was placed in a villa in Parnell for a dinner party. The gold ribbon was chosen to match the room.

ceremony shot

ceremony shot 2 copy, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

A great shot showing the set up at the Auckland Musuem. We created the beautiful hanging flower arrangments to really show off the room.

bouquet alone

bouquet alone, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.
A close up of Abby McComb's bouquet. Made of freesias, roses and lizianthus.

bride and bouquet

bride and bouquet 2, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.
A recent wedding held at the Auckland Musuem. Abby the bride looked stunning and her bouquet of white flowers was perfect for her.

Table Flowers for Midsummer Nights Function

5, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

We created the flowers to look like gardens summer flowers growing (even though it was the middle of winter!) They smelled delicious. Stock, sweet peas, roses, freesias tulips. The battery operated LED Lights were perfect to create that wow factor as the guests walked into the room.

Midsummers Nights Function

6, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

Created as if from an old english garden. Blossom, rosehips, stock and bells of Ireland. Not only beautiful but smells amazing.

Moet Tasting

1, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

The standard white Chrysanthamums looked beautiful nestled along the tables into white gel balls, there were LED Lights also we put into vases of gel balls and placed in between. Perfectly suited to a champagne tasting evening.

The Langham Photo Shoot

The Langham Photo Shoot, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

The table centrepieces were for a shot of the Grand Room at the Langham Hotel in Auckland. The Singapore Orchids were exceptionally long and beautiful that day.

The Lobby Shot

The Lobby Shot 2, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

These flowers were created for a Lobby photo shoot at the Langham Hotel in Auckland. We do a weekly arrangement here but not as grand as this.

Trailing Wedding Bouquet

Trailing Wedding Bouquet, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

A close up of the trailing wedding bouquet, each flower is individually wired. It is not often we are asked to make these, but you feel a real pride in your work once you have completed it.

Peachy toned Bridesmaid Bouquets

A mixture of peach toned roses for the bridesmaids, which matched their dresses beautifully.

Kelleher White Wedding

Kelleher White Wedding, originally uploaded by Vidaflores.

The 1930's themed room for the reception. Held in the Phoenix room at Kelliher Estate. Using the beautiful Peachy avalanche roses.

the bride & groom

Hannah White and her groom, looking gorgeous as they pose outside of Kellerher estate.


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