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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cloudy Bay Event

A great location in Achilles House with the open beams, black stained floors and a raw open ceiling with skylights allowing natural light to beam through. The venue has fantastic rounded New York loft like windows that left all of us wanting to shift straight in and live for the rest of our days. Very cool venue. The decoration that we created to suit the event needed to be subtle and natural, after all the event was all about the food and the wine and not all about us! So the hanging plants added a natural simplicity to the room with loads of candles down the table (Wax candles that have LED lights inside - brilliant!) worked a treat and as you can see added a lovely glow to table.
When working on events with Martin Bosley and his team they like us to pull elements for the menu and make a feature of them. As you will see further down the 'Potato Mound', 'Firey Mushrooms' and 'Cauliflower Clouds', these added a bit of fun to the pre dinner room above each of the relevent pods or stations that served hor d'oeuvres for the evening.

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