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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Orchid String Garden at night

Imagine the reaction of the guests walking up the stairs to this masterpiece!
If only we were a fly in the wall here..

The 'moon' in the background adds a certain mysterious component...

Our favourite....table set ready to go...

The overall look with lighting was a dream!  It adds that extra ingredient to perfect and highlight its beauty...our favourite event in recent months...such a pleasure to work on!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Orchid String Garden

This installment was made up of 60 orchid plants....phaleonopsis, cymbidium & slipper orchids in a variety of colours and forms

The fluro pink of the phaleonopsis and the vibrant greens of the cymbidium injected spurts of colour in the lush canopy

Within touching distance of the table below the hanging garden created a certain intimacy within the open space

The variations in height, colour, texture & form created interest as each plants' roots were covered in artificial or fresh moss

The rigid line of wax vases complemented the irregular pattern of the orchids overhanging...Some of the cymbidium orchids even had grass growing from their roots (we waited with bated breath a good 7 days to see the results from the little seeds!)

Top lighting from the rigging installed especially for the event became most effective at night... watch out for our next blog post tomorrow to catch a glimpse...

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wax Vases & Slipper Orchids

Our handmade wax vases took a new direction for a sitdown dinner function with an 'earthy' edge to the colour tones of the vases.

The delicate little slipper orchids worked perfectly against the contemporary colour palette.

Randomly clustered together in the centre of the square table they created an effective centrepiece.

We love this shot!! Potential postcard perhaps...

The unique & striking slipper orchids are a wonderful contrast to the raw wax vases.

The overall look with the extra top lighting making that added bit of difference to make them PING!!

We now have a great selection of the wax vases on SALE instore at the moment...

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Wax Vases Birthday Party

A medley of pretty pastal pink tones and creams in this wonderful table display for a young female's birthday bash.

We just love the wax vases and this recent installment was a real treat with the white version of them.

The mini posies of freesia and roses with germini and callas scattered throughout worked perfectly together to achieve the overall look ideal for a young lady.

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